It’s time to #HonorTheGift of kidney donation

Kidney transplant recipients require daily, lifelong immunosuppressive medications to reduce the likelihood of organ rejection. Under current law, Medicare covers the cost of a kidney transplant, but only pays for anti-rejection medication for three years. After Medicare drops their coverage, transplant patients who aren’t fortunate enough to find affordable insurance are left to cover the cost of the medication on their own.

Without the immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection, many patients find themselves back in a risky and frightening place – in need of a new kidney and having to go back on dialysis. The current policy is costly, decreases ESRD patients’ quality of life, and fails to honor the sacrifice of the donor.

Everyone loses when a kidney transplant fails because of lack of immunosuppressive medication access.

That’s why our coalition has teamed up to launch Honor The Gift, a campaign to push Congress to protect people living with transplants and honor their donors.

It’s time to ensure Medicare coverage of immunosuppressive medications for kidney transplant patients. Join the movement – sign the pledge to support kidney transplant recipients and honor the gift of kidney donation today.