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Help John Cabaluna Honor the Gift

While kidney transplant patients have a lot to worry about, John reminds us how important it is to not lose hope. Congress, it’s time to ensure kidney transplant patients have guaranteed access to life-saving immunosuppressive medications, regardless of their social status. Hear why John wants Medicare to honor the gift.

Medicare’s 3-year coverage limit on immunosuppressive medications costs transplant patients like John Cabaluna their lives. Help us honor the gift of life by protecting kidney transplant recipients.


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Mary Baliker

“My medications all went on a credit card because they were too expensive for me to pay for.”

Help Mary Honor the Gift

After having four kidney transplants and racking up more than $40,000 in debt to try and pay for her medications, Mary knows that nothing in life is a given. Having Medicare coverage of immunosuppressive medications, “would make it easier for patients to consider transplant, get people on the waiting list, and averting dialysis.”

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Alexandra Harrison Flaxman

“Knowing that you’ll have your medications is just one less thing to worry about

Help Alexandra Honor the Gift

Alexandra is living proof that the availability of private insurance alone cannot guarantee coverage for immunosuppressive medications. Knowing that their lifesaving anti-rejection medications are covered would give kidney transplant patients like Alexandra, “one less thing to worry about.”

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